Wire meshes with integrated LEDs: Mediamesh® and Illumesh®

The first impression makes all the difference! GKD's transparent media facades enable colourful projections or modern media communication on large surfaces.

Mediamesh® - vivid video surfaces

Mediamesh® LED mesh from GKD combines video surfaces with sophisticated architecture: transparent displays transform walls and facades into vivid video surfaces while preserving the architectural charm of the building – the perfect combination for impressive facade-sized media installations.


Illumesh® – nocturnal architecture

Illumesh® LED mesh gives static facades a dynamic and emotional dimension. It wraps up the building during the day. At night, the facade comes to life with Illumesh® colour and text displays, which are elegantly reflected on the stainless steel mesh. Illumesh® is multifunctional, acting as both an aesthetic element and a highly functional protection screen.


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